Bombay Times: Shankar Mahadevan: This is my first nomination and my first Grammy!

“The atmosphere at the Grammys was electric,” says Shankar Mahadevan

John McLaughlin, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, V. Selvaganesh and Ganesh Rajagopal’s fusion band Shakti’s album This Moment, won the ‘Best Global Music Album’ at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards 2024, in Los Angeles, yesterday.

​Talking exclusively to Bombay Times from LA, Shankar Mahadevan said, “We were waiting for the name Shakti and This Moment and when the name was announced, for a fraction of a second it had to register, because we were not programmed for that! Then there was elation, joy and it’s so difficult to explain that feeling – what happens when your name is announced on a platform like this. The atmosphere there was electric. In an environment which is full of foreign music and world class international artists, when we as Indian go and present our music and make a mark and are able to receive accolades and receive appreciation, it’s really a proud feeling, for me and for me being somebody who represents India musically. “

​The music maestro added, “This is my first nomination and my first Grammy! This means a lot to me and puts me in a position where I have to just look at a much more global and bigger perspective of music and try to reach out to wider and to various other horizons and also look at international collaborations.”​​

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