As a cornerstone of what is now called World Music, the vision and virtuosity of Shakti has inspired generations of musicians from around the world to explore sonic hybrids once thought impossible. Born of the musical and spiritual brotherhood shared by the revolutionary British guitarist and bandleader John McLaughlin and master Indian percussionist Zakir Hussain, Shakti’s soulful, organic intermingling of Eastern and Western musical traditions has proven transformative for both the band’s members and its listeners.
Now, fifty years after the informal conversations and jam sessions that sparked the band into existence, This Moment – Shakti’s first new studio album in more than 45 years – is available today on both CD and vinyl LP via Abstract Logix.

Breathless, brilliant and beautiful.” – All About Jazz

“The album is a remarkable feat, atmospheric and compelling in equal measure.” – David Mead, Guitarist

“This is my Album of the Year, since it is one of the finest albums of the last quarter-century…” – Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise

It’s one of the most potent configurations of the group yet. The group recaptures the aura of the original Shakti while moving the concept forward into today’s world.” – Jeff Tamarkin, Relix

A work of immense depth and radiant optimism, This Moment offers a set of new compositions and performances that burn with a rare intensity born out of passion.” – Grateful Web

“Through the immense complexities of the output, the music feels so incredibly natural as if it was played purely from the heart.”J. Picard, Musicmarauders

“Guitar legend John McLaughlin and percussion master Zakir Hussain implausibly tot up 153 years between them – not apparent from the scything electric guitar lines, furious tabla virtuosity, and groovers that sound like south Indian hoedowns on This Moment (Abstract Logix), a 50th anniversary set by 1970s east-west proto-global ensemble Shakti.”John Fordham, The Guardian

“By fully embracing the music on “This Moment”, we really should do so with humble thanks and gratitude to Messrs McLaughlin and Hussain, for once more shining a beautiful light on the nature and essence of what like-minded hearts and souls can achieve together, no matter where in the world they may be from. And this might well be their lasting legacy.”Mike Gates, The Vibe

A work of immense depth and radiant optimism, This Moment offers a set of new compositions
and performances that burn with a rare intensity born out of passion. With McLaughlin (guitar,
guitar synth) and Hussain (tabla) joined by vocalist Shankar Mahadevan, violinist Ganesh
Rajagopalan, and percussionist Selvaganesh Vinayakram, the Shakti of now is a powerfully
dynamic collective, defined by deft interplay, dazzling unison passages, extraordinarily
dexterous improvisations, and the ability to draw from a vast well of global traditions and,
miraculously, put them in conversation with one another.

Song List

  1. Shrini’s Dream (6:31)
  2. Bending the Rules (7:11)
  3. Karuna (8:33)
  4. Mohanam (6:01)
  5. Giriraj Sudha (10:38)
  6. Las Palmas (4:11)
  7. Changay Naino (6:08)
  8. Sono Mama (7:48)

Musicians and Personnel

John McLaughlin (Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synth)
Zakir Hussain (Tabla, Chanda, Madal, Konokol)
Shankar Mahadevan (Vocals. Konokol)
Ganesh Rajagopalan (Violin, Konokol)
Selvaganesh Vinayakram (Kanjira, Mridangam, Ghatam, Konokol)

Produced by John McLaughlin
Co-Produced by Selvaganesh Vinayakram
Executive Producers: Shweta & Souvik Dutta

Recorded at Mediastarz Studio Monaco by Jean-Michel Aublette
Recorded at Swara Yoga Studios, Covington, WA, USA and Offbeat Music Ventures, Chennai by Aditya Srinivasan
Recorded at Lambodara Studios, Navi Mumbai by Ameya Mategaonkar
Mixed at Eastcote Studio London. Engineer. George Murphy
Mastering at Blue Studio. London. Engineer. Andrew Tulloch

Art and Design by Mrinalini Sen, Urmi Bhanja & Orko Basu for
Photo by Pepe Gomes
Publicity by Madink PR
All works by John McLaughlin published by Buma/Stemra
All works by Zakir Hussain published by Precious Time Publishing/ASCAP
All works by Selvaganesh Vinayakram published by BMI
All works by Shankar Mahadevan published by ASCAP