Album review in UK VIBE 5/5

The album ‘This Moment’ received a 5/5 rating. Mike Gates of The Vibe writes: “As a cornerstone of what is now called World Music, the vision and virtuosity of Shakti have inspired generations of musicians from around the world to explore sonic hybrids once thought impossible. Fifty years ago the group’s merging of Eastern and Western musical traditions was a true revelation. Their music proved to be transformative- not just for the musicians themselves – but also for listeners the world over. To this day I don’t think we can speak of any other band that has had this effect in the same way, changing people’s perceptions of what is possible. And by fully embracing the music on “This Moment”, we really should do so with humble thanks and gratitude to Messrs McLaughlin and Hussain, for once more shining a beautiful light on the nature and essence of what like-minded hearts and souls can achieve together, no matter where in the world they may be from. And this might well be their lasting legacy.”

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