Album review in publication Bebop Spoken Here

Steve T of Bebop Spoken Here writes: “When Shakti emerged from the ashes of the Mahavishnu Orchestra it was documented in a South Bank Show. Although I was listening to soul music almost exclusively by then, McLaughlin had left an indelible mark on me and it seemed extraordinary that he had wound up a band that had enjoyed remarkable success making instrumental music with odd time signatures, unusual influences and previously unheard levels of virtuosity, for a band whose music seemed – at the time – alien (…) There is [in ‘This Moment’] also a return to shorter pieces, and I imagine this group will appeal more to Western audiences due to greater familiarity with Indian music throughout society, and I wonder if this is part of the master plan. Furthermore, I suspect the voice will also increase their popularity amongst Indian listeners both in the UK and the sub-continent.”

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